Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I Don't Know Where to Start

This was breaking news on CNN today: "President Bush defends eavesdropping program in U.S., says he'll keep using it as long as terrorists threaten nation."

Read: President Bush defends violations of civil rights, says he'll continue such appalling behavior as long as he's in power, Congress is fairly inept,* and the sky is blue.

When people read that breaking news, do they actually think: The President is keeping us safe. ?

Miranda? Miranda, where are you? Probable cause? Help? Lawyers? (Preferably not from the Justice Department at this point, unless you happen to be one of the individuals whose opinions have been officially written off because they didn't correspond to the party line.) Any lawyers interested?

*Special exception granted for the anti-torture amendment. (Which is still about four years past due.)


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