Saturday, June 19, 2004

someone walked in with the news about paul johnson being beheaded in saudi arabia the other day and said, "this just proves that they're evil." i asked who they was. "our enemies." i asked what that meant. "we have to kill them all." i asked how you can do that. "we can just make the middle east into a sea."

ah, of course. i forgot. we can kill them all. when confronted with evil individuals, the most obvious course of action is to simply kill all middle easterners. that or deny them all any rights whatsoever while they are in our territory, while conquering their dictators and talking about fostering the right for democratic representation of middle easterners (while teaching our soldiers to treat iraqis like second-class citizens, of course,). [i love how those two actions do not seem to strike anyone as incongruent.] these are the so-called 'popular' opinions in the modern united states.

people have argued that i am naive because i refuse to submit to the arguments for "shock and awe" types of actions. i believe the naivete comments slung at me are clearly misplaced. the amount of naivete that it would take to truly believe that simply "killing them all" is any sort of solution, or even anything that should be said out loud, is substantial. (not to mention the racist nature of such a suggestion. i hate playing the world war II card, but really, wasn't that hitler's idea? all jews are evil, let's just kill all the jews? that one didn't play out very well now did it.) people have tried "killing them all" for quite a well, whether it be the u.s. in vietnam, the french in algeria, the south africans to the south africans, etc, etc. the list goes on. the point is it has never worked. ever--with the possible unsettling exception of the american indians.

in short, unless the current u.s. strategy in the middle east (and specifically iraq and saudi arabia) is equivalent to the settlers generously giving the gift of measles-contaminated blankets to the american indians, there's no way our plan is going to work.

but then again---who's to say that isn't our plan? after all, we do appear to be going in a "kill them all" direction. it is a shame that we find our people also being stricken down.

it is a larger shame that we do not fully acknowledge the logical and moral fallacy of our policies and actions and instead react with emotional, rash statements. i thought that was the whole idea behind the forming of a more perfect union.

(just another america-hater speaking here.)


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