Tuesday, June 10, 2003

i mean, i knew working in an office had some elements of this, but:
(from an email, received five minutes ago)

"Hi everyone,
In April I resigned as Birthday Cake Host, after almost two years. No one on the EBAC Committee wished to fill the position, which has traditionally been an EBAC responsibility. (Janet, as EBAC rep, had previously done the honors for many years before.) They are at an impasse.
The latest proposal is to spread out the responsibility. . .

"the department hosting the All Staff meeting (also getting bagels) would select or get a volunteer to do the cake & e-mail for birthdays that month."

Does this sound fair to you. . .or do you have other proposals/ideas?"

lord, take me now.

you go to my head

and i feel you spinning round in my brain...

[my coworker just spit out her nicorette: "i'd rather have the cigarette taste in my mouth than this; you can't even blow bubbles with it"]

last night, at a bar with some friends, celebrating a 21st of a random person who i had never met before, i was pretty tired, and so i found myself staring at one of the televisions there, cnn akimbo. crucifying hillary clinton, as usual, aaron brown rattling on about how cold she is or something, envoking shades of the style article i read in the post yesterday by some bitter fellow named tim shale (i think,). then i found myself wondering if the blonde anchor was cross-eyed.

me: "is she cross-eyed?"
friends: "who?"
me: "that anchor on cnn"
(friends examine anchor)
friend who is a girl: "no, her make-up is just horrible"
friend who is a guy: "and that guy's kind of weird looking, too" (pointing out that the guy being interviewed looks like a warped ken doll)

who are these people? and how much plastic surgery is required these days in order to pretend to be a journalist? walter cronkite wasn't exactly a looker, but he represented something. the man was an institution, a pillar, a virtual well of reliability and information. when you see pictures of him, you know that that guy was a newsman, with a capital N.

what if the amount of superficiality we demand on the faces of our newscasters is intricately related to the amount of superficiality in the reporting?

and on a sidenote, i'd like to say that last night i also discovered that most of my friends go into lockdown mode when the president gets mentioned: "don't get her started."

to give you an idea of how my life has changed over the last few months, i was watching this fantastic movie called "waking life" the other day, and i noticed that one of the producers is someone named palmer west. and i thought, "palmer west---that's a school of chiropractic." then i killed myself...[for those of you who actually know me, you know that i work at the american chiropractic association. representing the chiros in the struggle. or calling doctors and asking them why they haven't forked over their membership dues. really, one or the other.]

"waking life" is done by the same fellow who did "dazed and confused," but is much better. richard linklater i believe is his name. it's animation on top of real actors. the main character simply walks around in a dream or dream-like state and has conversations about the nature of existance and other worthy topics of conversation with an assortment of characters. it was one of the first movies to make me think in a while. one of the best commentaries in it was: "there are two types of sufferers in life. those who suffer from a lack of life, and those that suffer due to an overabundance of it."

[which describes you?]

you need to see it, and think about it, and write about some of its issues if possible. it's by no means a decision-maker for you, but it will let you flesh out some things you probably didn't even know you needed to consider....