Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Bush, the Untouchable (not in the caste system kind of way, in the mafia kind of way)

well, thanks to my good friend kim's internet connection, i have an opportunity to blog without interruption (read: changing the surface window to avoid various senior individuals at work from seeing my activities) and so i've got a few things to say.

i've taken to reading the washington post and circling things in red ink. one of the things i circled yesterday was in an important article about how the bush tax cuts are resulting in things like higher property taxes, seeing as in already-struggling-to-pay-the-bills states governors are passing the buck (or the lack thereof one) to the localities. surprise. you mean when one tax cut goes through, the money has to be made up somewhere else? and this policy of bringing things down this local essentially puts the burden on those least likely to be able to pay it, since the people in the poorest counties will be the least likely to be able to make ends meet as a result of this?

but none of this was particularly shocking; i mean, anyone with half a brain could have predicted such results. what did bother me was the sentence in the article that read something like: "Yet in this heavily Democratic county, no one blamed the President." everyone blames the mayor or the governor, etc.

so i keep pushing through the post, onto an article about a medicare bill that conservatives in congress are grumbling about, saying that the prescription drug benefit is too much involvement for the federal government, blahblahblah. then i stumble onto a sentence that says something like, "None of these Congressman blame the President for pushing the bill on them." (of course it wasn't worded that way but that's what i remember.)

i ask you. i am aware that there is a solid contingent of people, myself included, who have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER pointing the blame finger at President George W. Bush for his various actions. the buck stops here, after all. didn't that saying originate in that office?

do i even need to insert a lengthy comment here about this yellowcake issue, and how the blame is somehow being muddled or shifted or at the very least somewhat friekin misplaced.

why is everyone so afraid to blame bush? these policies, these comments, these bills: they come from HIS administration, his white house. yet he's treated like he's untouchable. ooo, don't blame bush. blame everyone around him; he didn't know. this fear about criticizing an ELECTED leader is not healthy for our democracy. it does make me think of an onion article one of my friends was talking about recently: bush administration vows to wage war on criticism.

another thought:
is the assumption that bush is fairly dimwitted and others in his administration are the ones who actually run things apparently is also working to stop people from viewing him as culpable?


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