Tuesday, June 10, 2003

to give you an idea of how my life has changed over the last few months, i was watching this fantastic movie called "waking life" the other day, and i noticed that one of the producers is someone named palmer west. and i thought, "palmer west---that's a school of chiropractic." then i killed myself...[for those of you who actually know me, you know that i work at the american chiropractic association. representing the chiros in the struggle. or calling doctors and asking them why they haven't forked over their membership dues. really, one or the other.]

"waking life" is done by the same fellow who did "dazed and confused," but is much better. richard linklater i believe is his name. it's animation on top of real actors. the main character simply walks around in a dream or dream-like state and has conversations about the nature of existance and other worthy topics of conversation with an assortment of characters. it was one of the first movies to make me think in a while. one of the best commentaries in it was: "there are two types of sufferers in life. those who suffer from a lack of life, and those that suffer due to an overabundance of it."

[which describes you?]

you need to see it, and think about it, and write about some of its issues if possible. it's by no means a decision-maker for you, but it will let you flesh out some things you probably didn't even know you needed to consider....


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