Thursday, January 09, 2003

to look life in the face---to know it for what it is---to love it for what it is---it is the right of every human being

this line from the trailer for the movie "the hours" is running through my head. so much so that i went to the website for the film itself to get its exact wording, and happily discovered that my beloved david hare, the man whose words in via dolorosa echo through my mind, is involved with "the hours." it looks like he wrote the screenplay adaptation of someone's book.

what a pleasant surprise. however, the reason why the quote popped into my head, mass media brainwashing aside, was not quite so pleasant. i'm reading _all the president's men_ and while being stupefied at the corruption that was watergate, i realized that election 2000 was WORSE than watergate. like five million times worse. what makes election 2000 so horrible is that two institutions failed to provide the check on corruption: the media and the courts. the media especially is to blame here since the judiciary itself went to hell. we should have been reading articles and watching television programs for weeks, with investigative journalists left and right announcing what was going on. instead we got these sighs of relief from anchors, light-hearted banter about how relieved they all were that it was over, and one article a year later that buried what had happened under that infamous headline BUSH WINS ELECTION [smaller print] Gore Wins in 3 of 4 Scenarios. maybe the best portrayal of how the media failed the u.s. was evident in alexandra pelosi's hbo documentary "journeys with george," when during all the court cases, she shows us journalists feeding squirrels krispy kremes and nuts out of their hands. giving ms. pelosi and her peers the benefit of the doubt, it wasn't their specific duty to cry foul; their job was to follow the candidate g.w. bush. nonetheless, the symbolic value of bored reporters feeding squirrels while people's votes get trounced shouldn't be ignored.

when these thoughts occurred to me during reading, for some reason i thought of to look life in the face---to know it for what it is---to love it for what it is---it is the right of every human being. i think it was my optimistic side reminding the cynic not to get too disgusted and let corruption ruin my day.


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