Friday, January 24, 2003

from today's New York Times article "To Some in Europe, the Major Problem Is Bush the Cowboy" By David Sanger:

"While Vice President Dick Cheney has argued that a show of military might will begin to change the map of the Middle East, German and French officials say it will more likely lead to a radicalization of the Arab world, a fractured Iraq and a prolonged struggle with Washington over who will pick up the pieces."

I went to an undisclosed location to get further comment from our Vice President on this matter.
Cheney tilted his head, scratched it. "Well, I did say it would change the map, didn't I. Just because it wouldn't be changed for the better doesn't mean we shouldn't change it. Come on. I mean, look at what a bang-up job we're doing in Afghanistan in terms of building a good society and fomenting democracy."


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