Sunday, December 29, 2002

so for anyone who reads this self-absorbed masterpiece regularly---as if these people exist---, there is an update on my sending in my post to the academic listserv. the moderator wrote me back, giving me excellent advice and also gently telling me to maybe tone down the ol' passion. yeah, i keep getting told that, in all different situations. so noted. this is why georgetown needs to accept me, so they can teach the ignorant passionate girl how to harness emotions into scholarly language. (see that g-town? i neeeeed you.)

but nevertheless, i feel this was a successful venture into the scholarly world. one of the folks i criticized wrote back to the listserv, which did post my rant with some good editorial corrections, starting off his response by saying something like: "let me qualify what i said." this resulted in a dance around my family room, showing my dog a print-out of his response and telling her, "HE HAD TO QUALIFY! QUALIFY!" very mature. also, a nice person wrote into the listserv that they "agree with mr. mulligan." this resulted in me telling my brother all about how if they agreed with it and possibly thought i was a man this means "i could really make it in the field i want!" my brother, who was brushing his teeth, shook his head at me.

mr. mulligan, signing off now.


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