Tuesday, December 03, 2002

and onto a topic that apparently cannot be delayed. my controversial usage of these things: _. you may have noticed that instead of underlining names of books, i make them _this_. why? because i like it better. however, the topic must be discussed.

finding myself having to defend this controversial usage in conversations with genius friends, i offer the following reasons. _ is much more convenient than underlining, and i hate quotations, as i think they are abused. onto the pretentiousness of _'s: where did i find this usage? on a pretentious listserv, where else? i'm on an h-net listserv for two topics, h-levant and h-diplo, and in their book reviews, this _ is used to indicate the title of a book because not all email programs have underlining capabilities, or we are all too annoyed to try to figure out how to do it. i like the usage because i have always loathed underlining, whether in typewritten or scripted works. the bitterness of the memory of having to go back in the sentence and underline something sticks with me, so my discovery that some people have started _doing this_ was one of the most exciting things that has ever occurred. also, i think pretentious is as pretentious does. _'s as grammatically improper in this day and age? yes, but even this point is arguable, since this usage is, as i have just stated, starting to come into its own on academic listservs. language changes.

all this being said, i love turkey sandwiches. more random rantings to come soon, hold onto your hats.


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