Monday, December 02, 2002

all right kids, so i'm not quite so sure i enjoy my "template", as it were, but who really cares. the only people will be reading this will be my friends anyway, i'm sure. so let's start over.

it's time for my own self-absorbed blog. let us give credit where credit is due. credit to joseph for introducing this forum into our lives, credit to johnny for the following comment: "your shit should have a blog." this comment plus my procrastination where graduate school application essays are concerned provide the impetus for this endeavor. i refuse to give this particular blog some alleged purpose, some sort of elevated, concentrated status. these mission statements are too similiar to personal statements at this particular juncture in my life. give us 750 words or less on how valuable you are as a person, and make sure to kiss our program's ass at least a little. what can you offer us, besides biting sarcasm? words on the most critical/important/interesting situation/problem/event in the middle east. words on why you would be a good journalist. words, give us words, give us brilliant words.


so do any of you recognize either the title of this particular blog, "all things human take time," or the term "velocity" as i use it here? once again, we must give credit. velocity is terminology from susana kaysen's work _girl, interrupted_. she discusses forms of crazy, specifically velocity v. viscosity. velocity is when your mind jumps from seemingly unrelated thought to seeming unrelated thought, racing through fears, dreams, observations. all things human take time is a phrase from terence despres' immortal work _the survivor_, a text that discusses heroism and martyrdom in western society. it speaks about concentration camp survivors but jumps around. danger of this blog becoming a defacto literary plugging device. well there are the explanations for you, dear reader. yes, that's right, i did use the phrase "dear reader." want to read a real, published blog? _everyone is entitled to my opinion_ by david brinkley.

i'll write more soon, but i need to publish this now, out of pure fear that i will somehow lose everything i just wrote.


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